I subscribe to Trend Hunter Magazine.  It's an online interactive trend reporting site.  The viewers can provide and select what the trends are.  I like to see their trends from all categories but I'll keep focused for you and share some home decor and design trends.  A hodge podge really - Canadian Photographer, wacky wall coverings and some washroom trends that you will likely not find on designerfriend.ca.  Enjoy!

Architectural Romance Photography - 'Kissing the Ceiling' by Fred Muram (GALLERY)(TREND HUNTER) Canadian photographer Fred Muram’s recent work includes the 'Kissing the Ceiling' photo collection featuring different subjects placed in different rooms and kissing the ceiling. Other works includes the… [More]


Fiber Optic Wallpaper - Luminescent Home Decor by Camilla Diedrich (GALLERY)(TREND HUNTER) Camilla Diedrich’s fiber optic ‘Nature Ray Charles’ wallpaper is a beautiful set of luminescent wall coverings that seeks to replace electric light fixtures.

  The ‘Nature Ray Charles’ wallpaper comes in… [More]

32 Modern Wallpapers - From Heat-Sensitive to Glow-in-the-Dark Decor (CLUSTER)(TREND HUNTER) Wallpaper has come a long way from the dated island vistas and city skylines that were once ubiquitous. The modern wall coverings in this cluster range from elegant to unique, eye-catching and downright… [More]

18 Ways to Pimp Your Bathroom(TREND HUNTER) It doesn't require a toilet covered with Swarovski crystals or even some super-duper swirly vortex that can remove body parts if you don't stand up before you flush. No, what it requires is panache: Little… [More]


Mud-Powered Lighting - The Soil Lamp (GALLERY)(TREND HUNTER) This might just be the best off-grid lighting that you will ever need. Mud and a splash of water here and there are all this lamp requires--two things that you can find almost anywhere. The only thing… [More]