Here's the latest from Designer Pages.  With an Egg theme?!? Any who, it's a bit of design fun for a Thursday afternoon.... Enjoy

Eggcellent A+D Products Featuring Mirrorwall

November 20th, 2008 A Product Newsletter for A+D

No, it's not easter, but we've somehow managed to cover some excellent egg-inspired products this week. Additionally, we were privileged to get blue-carpet access to the grand opening of Duravit NYC, Duravit's first showroom in the United States. We caught up with Tim Schroeder, president of Duravit USA, for an interview and an exclusive sneak peak at the upcoming Mirrorwall line. Enjoy.

Featured Products from 3rings

Mirrorwall at Duravit NYC Showroom Opening Video: Mirrorwall at Duravit NYC Showroom Opening

One of our favorite plumbing manufacturers finally has a home in NYC. Duravit, a German-based producer of sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, baths and spa products, launched Duravit NYC last night, a beautiful 'blue-inspired' showroom located at 105 Madison Avenue. We were fortunate enough to have been included at this event,... more

Egg Chair, meet The Egg Bed! The Perfect Accompaniment: Egg Chair, The Egg Bed!

Though I couldn't usually get away with two bed posts in one week, someone out there - namely, Jacob Slevin, founder and publisher of this forum - suggested there might be an egg theme in the works; to which I reply, if it's eggs you want, it's eggs you'll get! Personally, I love it when designers take their cues from nature. more

Armourcoat or Egg? What Came First: Armourcoat or Egg?

Armourcoat Ltd., a manufactured of surface finishes based in the United Kingdom, is learning to solve BIG problems - just one example, an eight-story tall egg. Why would anyone in their right mind want such a large egg? For the Darwin Centre project's "cocoon" of course, part of the Natural History Museum in London, United Kingdom. The giant egg will house over three-hundred... more

The Egg Chair Is Back! The Egg Chair Is Back!

Unless you're fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough, depending on your tolerance for lava lamps) to have come of age in the late 60s, it's likely that your only experience with Henrik Thor-Larsen's classic Ovalia Egg Chair was in 2001, when the black-tied and black-sunglassed (and frighteningly well-armed) Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones stared at you from the chair’s cozy confin... more

Leave the Box Spring Behind with Axel Bloom Beds Leave the Box Spring Behind with Axel Bloom Beds

Has anyone ever experienced a good box spring mattress? I don’t mean good in the sense of "out of the box," but rather ten+ years of facilitating comfortable, restful, ergonomically advantageous sleep. The issue is a pressing one for me, since my wife and I are currently victims of a particularly pernicious case of "box-spring mattress sag"; a case so advanced, in fact, that... more