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I've been working with a fella for many many years.  He in the past has focused on custom furniture manufacturing and supplying for other retailers.  He was one of the now defunct Caban's sources along with doing custom work for many design and architecture firms.   Over the years I've watched his business grown and evolve and I can honestly say that it now seems to have become a labour of love for him.

He has incredible design sensibilities, a quality that's invaluable to us desingers when trying to explain the vision.  He travels allot and is really tapped into what is current and cool.  Most of Toronto's top clubs are owned or operated by one group and he is their go-to guy for custom furniture, banquettes, and classic contemporary furniture.  We've done a few clubs together and he just gets it.

Shortly after I started putting together my supplier list I gave David Craig a call to chat about carrying his current lines and designing a few of my own.  It was incredibly timely and still makes me a bit goose bumpy at just how much potential we have working together, and what that all means for my YDF clients.

So today I'll show you a bit of what Spot Home has in their current collection, but it's really only a taste of what is to come.  David has designs from me for several items that I found to be missing from my other retail options.  On the commercial side he will be making for me several standard and affordable reception desks.  contemporary designs that at the firm I was asked to do over and over......i digress, I can't tell you about the YDF exclusives just yet  - that's another blog!

Spot Home will also be manufacturing and supplying YDF with 3 new designer lines.  Designed by well know interior design and architecture firms.  They are exclusive, brand new and when released I will blog in all caps to tell you about them.  I'm so excited to be the only online retailer for these yet to be divulged collections to come..... ;) 

so, on to the show and tell of Spot Home's current offerings.  This is just a sample, check out his site for more - but remember even their site only shows a small collection of their peices. 

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