I'm a member of a relatively new online resource out of New York.  It was started by two young guys, I call them young  - because I think they're my age.  It's called Designer Pages. They started a networking and product sourcing site for people in the industry.  Suppliers set up profiles that are facebook style.  They post their offerings and there are really interactive links and tools to contact them with questions or with an order.  You can also add products to a folder for future reference.  It's basically making us lazy designers that much happier because now we only need to go to one place for our sources.

It was started a year and change ago I believe and because it's based in New York it does not serve me in Toronto as well as I would like but in time I'm sure it will.

Every week I get an emailer with new and exciting products.  In the spirit of sharing the knowledge I will copy and post it for you weekly.  Let me know if there is something you love and I'll see about getting it on the site or in the least finding out who does sell it and pass you along to them.  Enjoy!


20 A+D Products You'll Love

November 12th, 2008 A Product Newsletter for A+D

Of all the product trend newsletters we've sent out, this might be my very favorite. From products that unite a country to those that redefine the restaurant experience, here are the absolute best A+D products from last week.

Featured Products from 3rings

HANSACANYON Unites Red and Blue States HANSACANYON Unites Red and Blue States

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware that election day just passed. Red states, blue states - there wasn't much common ground between the two factions. Leave it to 3rings to offer a reconciliatory product: the HansaCanyon. This faucet emits colored water that changes from blue to purple to red depending on temperature... more

Barca Barca

One of the great joys - and one of the more formidable challenges - of product reviewing here at 3rings involves student work. Though it's always a thrill to see an intriguing new design by a burgeoning artist, it's also unusual for said product to present with any useful information. Most often, breakout work by students that has been featured at a particular exhibit or oth... more

Green Cuisine Kitchen by Philips Green Cuisine Kitchen by Philips

Evolutionary, minimalistic, high-tech and eco-efficient - the new wave of kitchen concepts does not believe in just serving the obvious epicurean interests. Whether it's the Spherical Kitchen or the Philips Green Cuisine Kitchen, all seem to blur the line between reality and fantasy and indefatigably provoke the two basic fundamental senses; sight and smell... more

Linear Flame Scape by Spark Modern Fires Linear Flame Scape by Spark Modern Fires

Fresh off the heels of our week-long focus on lighting, today I'd like to look at an altogether different type of appliance, albeit, one that's still capable of throwing enticing shadows on the wall. Because I believe that - even in this age of atmospheric overload and due caution about what we introduce into our environment — there's still a place for a flickering flame. I... more

Kojak Kojak

So before we'd narrowed our focus into the world of lighting, chairs were popping up everywhere, flaunting their Missoni Fabric-laden midriffs (Gossip Girl Here, Meet the Eames Lounger), and their slim-profiled and finely-sheened oaken torsos (Schema by Isu). So why not continue where we left off? So here's Kojak by Jonathan Woolley for Allermuir, a svelte and lithe little n... more