space efficient contemporary European designs

Humdinger - I crack myself up.  I headed to Woodbridge this morning to meet with an appliance dealer for

We've worked together for years on my residential and commercial projects.  They're an amazing resource because they have access to literally any appliance on the market and of course are trade only.  Some products are not available in Canada aside from through them.  I went in with a goal, I wanted to find innovative, well priced, high quality appliances that are not mass market.  I'm sick of seeing the same stuff at every big box store and seeing all the sheep follow the shepard to the checkout. 

As a designer I know and use mostly European brands or American brands with distinctly European design sensibilities.  I do this for two reasons.  The first being the look and the second the quality.  I love America but we are not the style setters, we are marketing kings.  Our lives are inundated with TV adds, big box shopping, mass market in your face selling and we just keep buying.  If they tell us it's the best, well then it must be.  Nope, sorry guys it just isn't true. 

Not unlike the American auto industry the old model of sell sell sell this old design until we hit the wall is also true for appliances.  Well they hit the wall in the auto industry thanks to Bush, and the banks, and the traditional thinking of if it ain't broke don't fix it.  Now they are struggling and must adapt and redesign and follow the Europeans to give us what we are now demanding.  We are a savvy bunch; the internet and ease in travel has made us demanding and educated to our options.  It will take them a while longer to see this change in our auto industry, but if we're talking appliances it's just around the corner. 

American made products will be knocking off and mass producing inferior quality  - but well marketed appliances in the next few years.  Lucky for you I'm letting you in on the secret. 

Having said all that - there are both American and European options in the products I'm showing you today. The common links are quality, design and exclusivity. 

A wordy intro to today's show and tell but it needed to be said.  I want my buyers educated and demanding.  If I don't offer it I want you asking me for it.  Do not settle, get what you want.  I'm only offering products I believe in and have complete confidence in fielding your quarries about alternatives.

last point to note is that allot of these companies are family owned and operated.  A few are tucked in picturesque Italian towns.  I don't know about you, but I like to picture my fridge being designed by a gorgeous Italian fella with leather loafers, no socks and a glass of merlot on his desk......sigh.

Here is a little sampling......

24gasrange1  l36209020x
gas ranges starting at 24"wide     open furniture style appliances          


custom coloured gas range with side griddledacordrwrmicromicrowave drawers - I've been designing my kitchens for years with the microwave below counter but this product appeases the worry about having to bend down.


ceramic top electric range starting at 24" wide to conserve space


counter top pop-up vent


modern french door fridge


counter depth and built-in concealed fridges


fully integrated dishwasher drawers


built-in modern wall ovens