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 I met with a new chair supplier for the site last week.  They're a dealer not retail source which means not open to the public and not sold without having an Designer, Decorator or the like to purchase it on your behalf.

They have a great selection and it's relatively new to Canada which means a bit of exclusivity.   Most lines are from France and Italy and are made to order.  I'd love to carry some pieces from them, but I'm not sure people buying on line at designerfriend.ca will be willing to wait the sometimes 8-12 week it can take for products of this kind.

These lead times are not at all unusual or excessive and to purchase anything that isn't from a big mass-market chain means a bit of a wait.

When specifying in the traditional design firm my clients were happy to wait knowing in the end they would have something a bit more special and in keeping with their exact wants.


 I'll show you a few and you can let me know what you think.  Should I carry them? Would you wait a bit longer knowing everyone won't have the same thing at their place?

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 Mass is a collection of completely modular sofas, armchairs, benches and auxiliary components that allow multiple compositions which are utilized for specific functions and varied environments. The modules consist of bases attached to backs, seat cushions, two arm options, a bookcase and table and back cushions which are available in various dimensions. The base/back structure is solid wood.