ossington-queen21 Some inspiration - an area shot of Ossington Street at Queen in 1920.

I've been helping a friend of a friend with his restaurant.  Actually now I should just call him my friend.  As a fellow farmer, you tend to get on fast and furiously when you cross paths with another in the city. 

He was well on his way when we met and really just needed some reassuring advice.  His vision and passion for the place is infectious.   Trained as a chef, construction is not, and should not be his side gig, but such is the life of an entrepreneur.  I felt that on the heels of my proclaiming my opinion on one restaurant, I should offer a solid alternative in the "opening soon" category. 

Teo Paul the chef has been followed and profiled by Toronto Life.  If you have a few minutes read a bit of his blog  [read Teo's blog]  documenting this journey  .  His ability to write is as innate as his cooking and a real pleasure to read.  The restaurant to be called Union, has plan for a chefs table with Teo as the main attraction.  His warm, quiet presence would be a delight to sit facing while he creates your dinner.

The space and its style is defined by him in many ways.  Casual, reclaimed materials, rich wholesome European influences and a complete lack of the unnecessary.  Good food, comfortable space and what will be the loveliest back patio come spring.

It's been a pleasure offering my 2 cents and I look forward to enjoying it once open the end of this year.

Union will be opening on Ossington, North of Queen in December '08.