I met with my bank manager today.  Just some standard issue business account maintance and such... I went through with more detail for him exactly what designerfriend.ca will include.  The way we intend to offer simple design services, how they will function and connect with the product offerings.  The project binders that will be interactive renovation and decorating tools that my clients and I will access and add too over time.

His eyes kept getting wider and wider as I explained my plans.  I of course can't tell you yet......must wait for the official unveiling.  When I finished my business plan song and dance he asked if I'd heard of the show Dragon's Den.  It made me smile for two reasons.  The first being that my bank manager was eluding to the fact I was on to something Den worthy; and the second being that he is the third person in the past month to ask that question.

I don't plan on visiting the Den anytime soon, as I've been able to secure a fantastic team and all resources necessary on my own!  But love the suggestion and great for Dragon's Den for being so widely know now.  Canadian TV forging forward........

YDF (Your Dragon Friend) -Melissa