I spent the day trying to line up a few suppliers of accessories and smaller items, lighting and such.  Designer Friend already has a massive collection of furniture with the retailers on board and I'm really just picking the jewelry to finish it off. The idea is to create a resource.  The go to design site for product, services and advice.  If you have a need for your home or office go to designerfriend.caand find it.  If it's not there, just ask and we will find it for you.  Sounds pretty great right?  I've spent the last couple of weeks meeting with the suppliers I really want to be a part of the launch.  Companies I believe in and trust.  Products I've used for years and feel confident putting my name behind.  Success my dears, the line up is fantastic.  Bookmark designerfriend.ca and check back in December.....

A sneak peak -





Delano Chair  fluf

Blair Chivers OVAH moooi random light

Just a sample of the products we'll have to offer.