So I've been working away at designer friend for two months now. Most of the suppliers I want on board are in deed onboard and everything is coming together rather effortlessly.The site is "under construction" still. We brought on an IA (information architect) to ensure the experience is ideal for you all. He's now passed that information over to the designer and I wait ever so patiently for him to pass along some pages. December launch is looming over me with a bit more weight than before….

I met with an art consultant last week and I think between the two of us we will have some pretty innovative ideas and tools incorporated on the site. I have this vision of in my head of the finished site; with all my clients sitting in their living rooms enjoying all the subtleties I've included for each of them.

I'm pretty keen about the art and photography angle. The ability to buy accessible (translation: save-up-for-able) and sometimes not so accessible but recognizable art online will be a bit of a leap for the art world. I love the idea of art galleries, all white, pristine and fancy pants. Gallery openings, me sipping a smooth glass of boxed red while viewing the latest works. But let’s face it, they are not designed for the common peep. I’m completely intimidated by them. They are the anti-sales platform at the best of times. Who likes walking into a huge wide open space that’s deadly silent and typically empty but for the lone employee perched at the desk. I never know if I’m walking into a room filled with $500.00 photographs or $15,0000.00 paintings. And typically galleries will have had both so there’s no sure way of knowing if you are not in the business. I feel a bit nervous sick just thinking about it.

The plan for designer friend is to have a collection of works from local galleries. They will be available to buy directly from my site and then the gallery will contact the buyer to set up pick up or talk about additional framing options etc. You can select and buy real art – NOT posters, online. The best part is we can give you some advice with size and style right though the site. My consultant is an active buyer and consultant in all the major galleries and will ensure the site has a really current offering. I’m pretty excited!

I’ve also lined up some local photographers and screen print artists who will be regular contributors and sell their work starting at around $150.00. Stop buying Ikea posters right now! Save that $75.00 and do the same next month, then log on and buy an original work that may actually make you money in a few years!

Will write again soon about a few of the suppliers I have lined up…..

Happy Monday – YDF Melissa

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