Thanks to the Saturday Star for defining a few of the GREEN terms that are defining just about everything these days. Few of us actually know their differences and definitions, hopefully this helps shed some light.

green city

Energuide: Trained evaluator assesses a home's blueprints and based on factors such as size, orientation, number and size of windows, furnace and hot water tank efficiency, insulation values and more, provides an efficiency rating from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest

Energy Star: Built to provide energy savings of approximately 30 per cent more tan homes built to Ontario Building Code standards. Third party verification.

Green House: Developed by EnerQuality in partnership with industry and government to bring a practical and affordable green program to mainstream builders. It has four components: energy efficiency, indoor air quality, resource management and water conservation. Will reduce homeowners' energy bills by about 30 per cent over homes built to Ontario Building Codes, reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and offer improved air quality. Launched this week.

R2000: Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy homes which exceed building codes by meeting demanding technical standards for ventilation, insulation, air tightness, material selection, water use and more. Third party verification.

EnviroHome: EnviroHomes incorporate energy efficiency and healthy housing principles and sustainable use of natural resources (for example, solar heating, natural lighting). Third party tested and verified.

LEED (leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): Must achieve required performance in various areas. Four levels of certification, based on number of points awarded.

EQuilibrium: CMHC-led initiative of 12 demonstration houses across Canada, showcasing resource and energy-efficient technologies with renewable energy technologies to reduce environmental impact

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