30 Number of successful applications in 2007-08 for Toronto's Green Roof Incentive Pilot Program 102 Number f existing or planned green roofs in Toronto

120 Number of nominations for the 2008 Green Toronto Awards

33 Number of finalists for 2008 Green Toronto Awards

30 Number of judges for the 2008 Green Toronto Awards

11Number of award categories for the 2008 Green Toronto Awards

$5000 Amount that a 2008 Green Toronto Awards winner receives to donate to an environmental organization

30Percentage of Canadians who say their municipal government does a good job in promoting energy conservation among citizens, according to an Ipsos Reid-Municipal World survey

53Percentage of Canadians who are buying more "green" products than the year before, according to an Ipsos Reid poll


compiled by Tony Yeung, star Library Sources: Ipsos Reid; Municipal World;City of Toronto Website