jessica  edwards

I'm your former, and Jessica Edwards is my latter.  Point is Your Designer Friend and all that it has come to be and will grow to become is made so by the diverse and talented team I've brought together.

I'm Your Designer Friend.  I know design, I love it, I wake up at night thinking about it and putting this site and company together has been almost effortless at times.  I'm simply creating the platform for all of my sources and peers to display their goods. 

Pretty early on I realized that no matter how fantastic this site will be, it's useless if people don't know it exists.  I can blog till the cows come home, but I want designer friend to be a household name.  None of the tools I use will bring it to that level.  The entire concept is based on the idea that design can and should be accessible to the masses.  So, I did what I've been doing throughout this process, I thought about who in my circle of coworkers, acquaintances or in this case very dearest friends possess the skills and resources that I lack. 

Who loves to talk? but more importantly, people actually like to listen to - almost all the time.  Who has media connections and sources to give designer friend that initial protein shake to get it moving?  Who is savvy, chic, multi-talented, entrepreneurial, dynamic, social, wrote and directed  her own short film and sings part time in a Jazz Band?  That last point was negotiable but all the rest were deal breakers.  I'd like to introduce the only woman that could possibly be all this and ride her vespa in heels,  Jessica Edwards.

So who is this dynamo I speak of? Well let me Bio JE for you..

A driving force behind launch of MTV in Canada, she is currently the Senior Manager, Brand Partnerships, MTV, Much Music and MuchMoreMusic (CTV inc.)

Jessica has lead her team at MTV at being the first Media company that conceptualized, sold and executed client programs with a multi-platform approach.  Jessica is an expert in bringing brands together in a non-intrusive way.

Her drive to work in media started 11 years ago at McLaren McCann advertising but she quickly knew that her calling was to conceptualize on behalf of the broadcasters.  She then had a 5 year stint at Chum as Promotion/Event supervisor, Chum Specialty. From Chum she landed at Alliance Atlantis as an account executive for Synergy production team then picked up to launch MTV. 

Phew.......that was a mouth full.  But I wanted you to know the punch that YDF is packing and and to whom the pretty fist is attached.  She will be fielding media requests, advertising opportunities, overseeing marketing and PR as well as conceptualizing the aesthetic, function and content that makes up YDF alongside me.    You'll see her working the room at design and press events.  I will be the one quietly pondering the venues choice in carpet and thanking the heavens that she's her so I don't need to be.....

Media and Advertising inquiries should be directed to Jessica at

More team introductions to come!